Customer Service

Returns and Refunds

To book a free return/exchange pick up:
Should you need to return or exchange your purchase, you have 10 days from receiving your order to arrange your exchange or return.  Book your complimentary collection and have your items sent back to us by emailing our costumer service at Keep in mind that your bag MUST have the non-removable tag attached to the handle in order to process the exchange/return.

What happens next?
  1. After contacting our costumer service, you will receive a personalised return label.
  2. Print out the Air Way Bill and attach it to the outside of the parcel (there will be a label for each package plus an archive copy that you must give to the courier). Please print or save a copy of the Air Way Bill for your records – you can use this to track your return shipment.
  3. If you have been provided with a Returns Invoice for Customs, please print two copies and enclose one inside the package and a signed copy on the outside of the package with the Air Way Bill.
  4. Please do not seal your package until the driver has arrived to collect your return as they need to check the package first.
In case refunds apply, the transfer will take between 15 to 20 days to reach your account.